10 Reasons for Real Estate Agents to Blog

10 Reasons for Real Estate Agents to Blog

Blogging as a marketing activity has been around for a while, at least since the late 90s. Its adoption by real estate professionals, however, has been fairly spotty. It’s really no surprise. Blogging requires a lot of work, creative brainstorming and a love of writing. Plus, blogging requires a long-term commitment to developing your brand and plenty of patience to wait for sales leads.

Nevertheless, blogging can lead to amazing results for real estate agents who choose to pursue it. Many successful businesses, agents included, that blog regularly are said o generate 126% more leads than ones that don’t according to IgniteSpot.

Here are our top ten ways blogging will help a real estate professional over time:

  1. Eureka!: consistent blogging using the right keywords (e.g., Northwest Chicago real estate agent) will help your website rise in search engine rankings so that buyers and sellers will see your website before the competition. This process goes by the name of search engine optimization (SEO), which is about everything you do to enhance your website’s organic search ranking, as opposed to paying for leads using a Google AdWords campaign.
  2. Credibility: by blogging about different real estate topics in your community you will build up a body of work that will enhance your credibility as a real estate expert. People love to work with experts over those they perceive as inexperienced or amateurish.
  3. Personality: it’s not often you get a chance to show off your personality as a real estate professional but blogging is a great way to share one-on-one your special, unique perspective with potential customers. From lists to videos to memes, you can add the special spice to your blog that really makes your brand memorable.
  4. Resource: some real estate agents use their blog to become the de facto guide to activities, facts and resources about their city or specific community. New arrivals to a community need to know about basic resources like schools, hospitals, where to get a driver’s license, etc. Parents with small children in your community may want to know what fun activities are happening around town each weekend. The key is to invest your time and do a thorough job or your blog won’t be taken seriously.
  5. Research: a majority of consumers use the Internet to research a product or service before buying. The same rule applies to the real estate industry. Potential customers will research you online before they call or email you. A blog gives them lots of good evidence about your character, personality and professionalism to tip the scale in your favor.
  6. Reviews: another big influencer in buyer decision making are reviews. Many consumers like to know what others think about a product or service before buying, which has made sites like Yelp explode in popularity over the years. Consider getting your own reviews from past clients and post them on your blog to let them do the selling for you. A customer’s description about their experience is much more powerful than your own flattering words.
  7. Long-term: blogs, while not effective at driving leads in the short-term, will continue delivering you benefits for years to come as long as you keep at it.
  8. Affordable: blogging is also very affordable over the long-haul compared to buying newspaper ads or other paid leads. If you spend an hour or two each week to come up with a worthwhile post the return on your investment over time can be huge. Think of how many more prospects will find you when you are at the top of a Google search as opposed to buried on page 5.
  9. Social media growth: another great way to spread your professional brand as a real estate agent is through an active social media program. Blogging is a great feeder for your social media, providing content you can share on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and even Instagram. The beauty is that you can drive the connections you make in social media back to your blog with embedded links. Once on your blog, these new visitors will learn all about you and increase your overall site traffic — yet another huge driver of SEO.
  10. Leads: last, but certainly not least, blogging can yield highly qualified leads. If you share lots of valuable tips to home sellers you may see prospects visiting your blog for your creative ideas and then decide they have to have you as their real estate agent. Why? Because you’re an expert!

Blogging is a very rewarding process, reflecting a philosophy of selling as much as anything. It tells the world you care enough about helping all home sellers and buyers with insightful content without expecting anything in return.

That kind of pay-it-forward attitude is very attractive to prospects tired of being “sold” to by other agents. It creates goodwill that, over time, will give you a return far in excess of the time you invested. Plus, like most regular bloggers, you may just come to love the act of writing and not even view it as work!

Ready to sharpen your pencils, or, rather, fire up your word processing apps?

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