5 Reasons to Take a Late Summer Vacation

5 Reasons to Take a Late Summer Vacation

Everybody needs a vacation at some point. No matter how much you love your job, you owe it to yourself to take some time away from the grind to relax and recharge physically, mentally and emotionally.

The dilemma for real estate agents is that every hour you spend away from work is a potential missed lead or missed sale. There’s no way to avoid that possibility, but there is a way to minimize the damage: take a vacation when business is slow.

In many parts of the country, the hottest time for home sales is in spring and early summer, leaving the later summer relatively mellow. That’s not true everywhere, but if it’s the case where you operate, then a late summer vacation is the way to go! Here are a number of other advantages.

Good way to cap off the summer
Vacations are a great way to celebrate an accomplishment. And if you’ve just completed a hectic season of sales, then you deserve some time off to digest the highs and lows that the summer brought as well as to mentally prepare for the fall listings.

Better deals on vacation spots
There’s going to be a lot less competition for hotel rooms and vacation cottages towards the end of August, when most kids are already back at school and many families have already taken their summer trip. The price of lodging will naturally drop in many places and a lot of places will be offering lower-than-usual deals to try to fill their rooms before summer is over.

Fewer lines, less of a crowd
Particularly if you are inclined to visit a popular vacation location –– think Cape Cod –– it may be refreshing to enjoy the scenery, activities and still be able to get a dinner reservation at night! Amusement parks that would otherwise have your kids fidgeting in lines for hours are instead at your disposal.

Fewer kids
If you don’t have kids in tow yourself, you might appreciate being able to catch some rays on the beach without getting sand kicked in your face by thousands of shrieking, frolicking youngsters. That is much less of a risk during the latter half of August, when many kids are already back in school. If you’re able to wait until after Labor Day then the scene will be even more serene.

A little cooler
Many people struggle to endure July and August (particularly in the South) but find September to be quite lovely. Depending on your climate preferences, you may even prefer the milder temperatures of early or mid-September in areas that aren’t considered to be blistering hot in the summer, such as in the Northeast or Northwest.

If your idea of relaxation does not necessarily require a bathing suit then why bother vacationing during the height of swimsuit season?

What time of year is best for you to take a vacation? What are the advantages? Tell us in the comments below or share your thoughts on Facebook or Twitter!

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