5 Tips to Out-Hustle Your Closest Competitor

5  Tips to Out-Hustle Your Closest Competitor

With fall upon us, the market is likely cooling down for a few months. Contrary to popular opinion, however, it’s when things slow down that hustle can give you the greatest edge over your competitors.

How, you ask? When prospects see the hard work and never-say-die attitude you show towards winning their business they will see you as the agent who will bring that attitude towards getting them the best deal possible.

Here are a number of things to keep in mind when you’re thinking about how to win more customers.

Improve your time management
Real estate is not an industry that regularly grants deadline extensions. The ability to efficiently use time is arguably the most important skill you can have in this business. Clients want to find or sell a home as soon as possible. REALTORS® who can use time well are able to track down more leads, juggle more clients and therefore earn more commissions.

Cutting down on procrastination, making to do lists or implementing any number of time management strategies can pay off big time in terms of productivity and profits.

Contact leads immediately
Did somebody just tell you that their friend is looking for an agent? Put down whatever else you’re doing and shoot that lead an email or, better yet, give them a call. If you wait until the next day that person may have already been contacted by five other REALTORS®. Get to them first!

Be active and engaged on social media
Many agents, including some of the best-established veterans in the industry, have not fully embraced social media. They may set up professional accounts on networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube, but they aren’t fully committed to using social media to advance their business.

That leaves you an opening to seize the opportunities they’re missing out on, particularly when it comes to first-time homebuyers (read Millennials), who are most likely to respond well to an agent with a robust online presence.

Never stop networking
It’s really tough to make it in real estate if you’re not open to meeting people. One of the chief strengths of real estate agents is their ability to positively engage with others. While it’s important to set aside a personal life for yourself, it’s also important to recognize that part of your job is to find customers wherever they are, whether that’s at a neighborhood association meeting, a block party or a Little League game.

Never stop studying
Don’t get complacent about your knowledge of the real estate market. You could always know more. You should consistently set aside time to analyze market conditions and trends so that you can stay ahead of the curve for the benefit of your customers. Also, feel free to check out one of the posts we wrote back in June about online continuing education courses, all of which are helpful to anybody looking to better their real estate career.

What are the ways that you out-hustle the competition? Leave a comment or share your thoughts with us on Facebook or Twitter!

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