Benefits of Video Marketing Using eCommission’s Video Creation Tool

Benefits of Video Marketing Using eCommission’s Video Creation Tool

There’s no doubt that video can be a game-changing marketing tool for real estate agents. Communicating with prospective clients via video is the closest you can get to a personal connection without meeting somebody face-to-face. However, it’s also a major asset even if your company isn’t the main subject of the video.

Here are a number of benefits to V-Screen, a video creation service that you are granted access to when you sign up through eCommission!

What’s V-Screen?
V-Screen offers a library of pre-made, high-quality videos about real estate subjects. It also allows agents a chance to personally “brand” the videos with a headshot, website and other contact information.

Video tips for agents, buyers and sellers
The videos encompass a variety of real estate-related topics. Everything from how to hire the right contractor to how to make a home smell sweet! The videos include a few handy tips for you to remember as an agent, but more importantly, they are chock full of advice that people who are considering buying or selling will appreciate.

High quality
V-Screen videos are top-of-the-line. The audio and visual achieve levels of quality that professionals, let alone amateurs, struggle to get. While you absolutely should try to develop your own high-quality videos for home listings or to showcase yourself and other  community-specific subjects, V-Screen is a great resource for general real estate topics to throw in the mix.

Content that comes easy and cheap
Since content marketing is an increasingly important part of an online marketing strategy, you should be looking for every opportunity to offer content on your website and social media platforms that does not require major spending or labor on your part.

That’s where V-Screen comes in. The videos address subjects that customers are eager to learn about and they are now associated with your brand –– so they fulfill the two key objectives of content marketing. The only part missing? A big-time commitment of time and money from you to film your own high-quality videos.

Short and sweet
V-Screen videos are ideal for social media marketing due to their simplicity and length. They are about a minute-and-a-half long, which is just about the right amount of time you can expect a Facebook user to take away from their browsing to watch a video.

Drives engagement
Ask visitors to your website or social media pages to share their thoughts on the home advice in the V-Screen videos. Share your thoughts as well! For instance, do you have some other strategies for freshening up a home? Does anybody else watching have any tried-and-true tactics? Even people who aren’t in the market currently for an agent will jump into the conversation, which will draw even more attention to your brand!

Want to gain access to V-screen to create and share your own real estate videos? Sign-up here!

Have you used V-Screen before? Tell us about how it has helped you market your brand in the comments or on Facebook and Twitter!

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