Eight ways to make your blog sell for you

Eight ways to make your blog sell for you

Creating a blog these days is easier than ever. There are plenty of platforms, such as WordPress and Blogger, that allow you to quickly launch an eye-catching real estate blog. In fact, there are even templates made specifically for marketing real estate.

However, getting people to your blog and convincing them to choose you as their agent based on your site is a completely different matter. Here are a number of ways that will help your blog drive business.

Every part of your blog should include words that people are likely to type into a search engine. Services like Google Adwords, among others, can help you figure out what words are the most likely to attract visitors. Think not just about the most common keywords, but also important words that might capture niche markets –– condos, cottages, short-term rentals, etc.  

Location, location, location
The most important keyword, however, is your location. You need to put the location you are serving at the center of your website and regularly refer to it in your blog posts. If you are a real estate agent in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, the goal is for your site to be the first that comes up when somebody searches for “Tuscaloosa real estate agent” or “Tuscaloosa REALTOR™.”

Quality content
Don’t let your focus on keywords distract you from producing high-quality content that people actually want to read. Keywords should be seamlessly integrated into informative blog posts about important real estate subjects.

Become a local authority on real estate
The goal of your blog should not be to just promote yourself, but to create content that anybody who is interested in the local real estate market will find useful, even if they’re not looking to buy or sell in the near future. Blog posts about trends in area homes (along with photos!) or new developments in town are examples of how you can become a go-to source for real estate. Having an influential blog may even lead local media outlets to consult (and quote) you when they are covering real estate issues. That is free exposure for you!

Update frequently
Try to blog as much as you can. One post a week would be a good target. That keeps the blog fresh and will encourage people –– including those who may not be looking for an agent –– to visit your site regularly. The steady traffic will boost your standing in Google search results.

Avoid gimmicks
Old school gimmicks, such as putting a bunch of keywords at the bottom of the page (perhaps in invisible font) do not work anymore. Search engines have become increasingly sophisticated and are programmed to view such tricks as red flags. They will often penalize sites that engage in such behavior by putting them lower in search results.

Tell them to get in touch!
One of the first things a visitor to the site should see is a tab that says something along the lines of “Contact Me.” Include your email address and phone number. Don’t make people fill out some contact form –– invite them to get in touch with you the old fashioned way. It makes you appear more accessible and sending a message to an actual email address feels less futile than submitting a message through a site.

Biography and photo
Include a page on the blog where you introduce yourself; talk about your experience in the area of real estate and the way you operate as a real estate agent. Include a photo of yourself and offer a few fun facts about your personal life, such as where you grew up and went to school, how long you’ve lived in the area and what you like to do for fun during your free time. People are not only looking for a service –– they’re looking for a person that is understanding and is capable of helping them out.

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