Five events to consider sponsoring this spring

Five events to consider sponsoring this spring

If your real estate business is in a good place to donate time and money to the community, consider sponsoring an event. As an event sponsor, you’ll have the opportunity to reach a broader audience, gain some leads and show your commitment to giving back to the place you call home.  

With spring around the corner, plenty of sponsorship opportunities are bound to come up in your community. Here are five ideas to get you started:

On your marks!
It seems like there’s a 5K, half marathon or charity walk every weekend these days, so use this as a time to get your name out there (and even participate!). When it comes to these types of athletic events, there’s usually an opportunity to set up a table, get your name on the event t-shirt, or include your logo on the signage — which are all great chances to raise brand awareness and meet other participants.

Play ball!
If families are your ideal clients, sponsoring a youth sports league like baseball or softball is the perfect opportunity to reach them. Providing jerseys for a local sports team or funding a tournament is a great way to show support as well as get some prime time with parents who might be in the market for a new home in the future.

Bigger could be better!
Spring is the start of festival season, so why not take advantage of these annual cultural gatherings? Large community events like art fairs and music events will typically receive a lot of buzz and attention, which means there’s no better place to get in front of a large audience. Whether you’re getting your logo on all of the event signage or raffling off a decked-out Yeti Cooler, your chances of getting a lead are much greater when the audience is bigger.

Tee time!
Similar to a festival, golf tournaments have a way of bringing in a large crowd. If your city hosts a major golf tournament, the event is sure to bring in people – both locals and out-of-towners. With people from all over coming to visit your city, you never know who might consider making a move. By participating in event sponsorship, you’ll be the first person that comes to mind!

Show you care!
Nonprofit fundraisers are a proven way for real estate agents to give back to their community while doing great things for local schools, pet rescue groups, parks, and more. While not every fundraiser gives you the chance of being in front of a physical audience, being mentioned in the fundraiser promotional materials as a sponsor will put your name into people’s minds.

Have you sponsored any spring events before? If so, share any helpful advice you might have as a comment below, or on Facebook or Twitter!

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