Healthy Alternatives to Junk Food For Agents On the Go

Healthy Alternatives to Junk Food For Agents On the Go

One of the major disadvantages to having a job without a set schedule is how hard it makes it for you to prepare nutritious meals. When you’re zipping between home showings and client meetings from dawn until dusk, the easiest way to eat is to rely on fast food or sugar and salt-packed snacks.

There are healthy ways to snack, however, some of which are quite tasty. Here are a number of ways to stay fueled and healthful!

Kale chips
Rather than potato chips, which deliver you little but sodium and refined carbohydrates, try some kale chips! There are also other types of veggie chips, but kale is definitely the most “in” at the moment, largely because it is high in fiber and other beneficial nutrients.

Most nuts are very nutritious and a great source of healthy, low-cholesterol fat. Opt for raw nuts that aren’t coated with sugar or salt.

Nut butter
Peanut butter is a good snack, but almond butter is even better if the taste is to your liking. It’s totally cool to eat nut butter on its own –– packets of nut butter from brands such as Justin’s have become popular recently. Otherwise you can slather it on some bread, cracker, a celery stalk or apple slice.

Most of us don’t eat nearly enough fruit. Take five minutes at the beginning of the day to chop up some apple, orange and banana slices. Throw some blueberries and cherries into the plastic bag or tupperware as well.

Pumpkin seeds
Don’t just scoop these fiber-filled capsules right out of the Jack-O-Lantern you just carved. Pumpkin seeds should be roasted. If you’re not up to the task, you can buy them prepared at your local grocery store. Just be sure the keep the salt to a minimum for your heart’s sake!

KIND Plus bars
As Greatist pointed out, it’s rare that anything in “bar” form would make a list of healthy foods, since most bars tend to be highly processed and have high sugar and sodium levels. KIND’s bars are entirely made of nuts, however, making them a solid choice for a healthy snack.

Instead of super-processed chip dip, try hummus. The delightful Middle Eastern dip is derived from chickpeas and matches perfectly with a piece of bread or veggies, such as carrots, slices of pepper or celery.

Yogurt is a healthy way to get a big dose of protein, along with a number of other nutrients, such as Calcium and Vitamin B12. Some also argue that yogurt that contains active bacteria (probiotics) promotes better digestive health.

Dry-roasted edamame beans
Made famous as an appetizer at sushi restaurants, edamame beans are an increasingly popular grab-and-go snack for professionals on the go. They’re a good source of (healthy) fat and protein that is entirely lacking in sodium (unless you add salt).

What are your go-to healthy snacks to keep you fueled throughout the day? Share your ideas with us! Either in a comment or on Facebook or Twitter!

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