How to Dress for the Hottest Month of the Summer

How to Dress for the Hottest Month of the Summer

Depending on where you live, summer can present serious wardrobe challenges. Not only is it hard to dress professionally when wearing a suit can mean getting drenched in sweat on the walk from your car to the office. But, dressing for warm weather also puts you at risk of freezing due to frigid air conditioning indoors.

Here are a number of top challenges that professional men and women alike face in the hot summer months as well as some ways to minimize the damage!

Light colors
If you have to wear a suit, try to make the color as light as possible. Whites, grays and light blues are the name of the game at high noon in July or August. Try to remember this the next time you’re shopping for clothing in December: That black suit that looks so appealing now might seem less so when the weather warms up.

Sleeveless blouse
Even if you’re committed to wearing a suit to work, a sleeveless blouse will make things a little cooler than long sleeves as you show clients around a backyard on a scorching day. In addition, wearing a dress blouse and skirt without a blazer is totally fine when it’s hot outside. And in such instances, short sleeves or sleeveless is clearly the way to go!

This one is obvious for women. Even if you favor pantsuits, skirts and dresses can make the summer season a lot more pleasant and you don’t have to sacrifice one tiny bit of professionalism. The looser the fit, the better.

Polos and short-sleeved dress shirts
Men might want to consider opting for short-sleeved dress shirts when it’s hot. Wearing a polo tucked into khakis with dress shoes is plenty professional by many people’s standards, but if you prefer to wear a suit, you can cool things down by wearing a short-sleeved button-down shirt under your suit jacket.

Do you need the tie?
A necktie is a nice touch that conveys formality, but the absence of one is hardly viewed as a sign of disrespect by most clients. You can dress smartly without closing your neck off to air. These days it’s common for businessmen, political leaders and others in top professions to wear a suit without a tie. You might want to try it!

The sun is not the only threat during the summer. Many offices crank up the air conditioning to the point where it’s not comfortable to wear your summer clothes indoors. Studies have shown that women in particular are often left shivering by the cooler temperatures that many office buildings insist on.

The solution is layers! A light sweater or blazer that fits your outfit but is not essential to it is a great way to be prepared for whatever temperature you’re dealing with.

A spare shirt
If you’re prone to heavy sweats, then you might want to consider keeping a spare shirt on a hanger in your car and at the office. That way, if you find yourself drenched after a morning meeting you can put on a fresh shirt before darting out for an afternoon rendezvous.

What are the ways that you stay cool while dressing professionally during the summer? Share your tips with us in the comment section below or on Facebook or Twitter!

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