Neighborhood Amenities that Millennial Buyers Want

Neighborhood Amenities that Millennial Buyers Want

Millennials are only going to become a more important buyer demographic in the coming years, as even more of those born in the 1980’s and 90’s settle down to start families. Not all young people are looking for the same living situation, but there are certain things that millennials are more likely to care about than their elders.

Coffee shops
How close is the nearest Starbucks? Or, for that matter, is Starbucks the only coffee joint nearby? There are plenty of young people who don’t even drink coffee, but there is also a sizeable contingent for whom a coffee shop is a reliable refuge to do work, hang out with friends or catch up on some reading.

Good schools
Just like their parents, millennials want their kids to receive a quality education. If you’re dealing with young buyers who either already have kids or are planning on having some, you can bet they’re going to ask about the schools in the area.

Quality grocery store
Many millennial buyers will not settle for just any grocery store. They want quick access to places with a selection of high-quality food, including organic or locally-sourced products. Whole Foods or another similarly-themed store, cooperative or local farmer’s market can make a home appear much more attractive to certain buyers.

Millennials value fitness and they don’t want to go a long way to get a quality workout in. A busy professional will generally want to hit the gym on their way to or from work.

Millennials are more inclined than their parents’ generation to forgo cars and even those who own a vehicle often prefer to find alternatives to driving everyday, particularly ones that allow them to safely text and tweet on the road.

Bike paths
Not only do many millennials enjoy getting around by bike, but they want a neighborhood where their kids will be able to safely enjoy biking. Streets with bike lanes are a plus and bike paths that are separate from the roads are even better.

Parks and playgrounds
Many young homebuyers are willing to consider a smaller home with a smaller yard if they know that there is a decent park nearby where they and their kids can play.

Just because they’re settling down doesn’t mean they don’t care about the nightlife anymore. Many buyers want to know that there are a few decent places nearby to watch the game, meet friends or have a “date night.”

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