Sales CE courses: how to pick a winner

Sales CE courses: how to pick a winner

No matter what stage of your career you find yourself in, continuing education is often a good way to learn a new skill that could make you a more effective real estate agent. The world of real estate courses is practically infinite and it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the number of options out there.

Here are a few common-sense tips when deciding which sales-oriented CE courses to sign up for:

What are your state’s requirements?
Some states require real estate professionals to take a certain amount of continuing education courses throughout their career in order to maintain their license. While you absolutely should go above and beyond these requirements if you have the time and will power, your first order of business should be to satisfy the state minimums so that you are never at risk of losing your license.

State certified?
Make sure that any sales CE course you sign up for is recognized by your state’s real estate licensing authority. Courses that are not recognized by the state are probably not worth your time or money.

Is it a sham?
No matter what a website claims (including that it is state-certified) you should do a little research on the side to make sure the course is legitimate. See if you can find reviews of it online on sites such as Yelp.

CE courses tend to be developed by people with expertise in certain aspects of real estate. Sales is no different. Make sure the person who developed the course has the resume of a successful salesperson, preferably in real estate. Short of that, make certain that the person doing the actual teaching — whether in person or online — has a strong sales background to draw on when giving real-world examples and fielding questions from the course attendees.

Ask around
Maybe the best way to ensure that you’ll land a worthwhile class is to ask somebody you trust. A friend or colleague in the industry is great, and if that isn’t enough, give a call to your local REALTORS® Association for advice. There are usually plenty of people willing to give their two cents on the matter.  

What’s most important for you to learn?
Think hard before you sign up for a course about what you want to gain from the experience. What is it about real estate sales that you are most in need of? Knowledge about the market? Sales strategies? Cold calling? Continuing education is a great opportunity to identify and address your greatest vulnerability. Don’t take the easy way out!

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