The Most Important Considerations for Buyers with Pets

The Most Important Considerations for Buyers with Pets

Your clients with children are not the only ones whose number one priority when buying a home is another member of the household. Furry friends are also a major consideration for a sizable portion of American home seekers. Here are some of the things that they’re either looking for or may want to know about when they’re searching for a new place to live.

What kind of yard does your client need to accommodate their dog? It’s a question worth asking before you start flagging potential properties. The space needs of a Great Dane are much different than those for a small Pomeranian.

Dog Parks
A nearby park could be completely worthless to your dog-loving buyer unless they know they can enjoy it with their canine roomie. Some parks are completely off-limits to dogs, while others require pooches to be on a leash at all times. Many dog owners would like to be nearby a legitimate “dog park” where their pet can frolic with other dogs without a leash.

Busy streets
A busy street can send chills down the spine of a dog owner. Some dogs have serious issues with cars, chasing after them or getting stressed out by the constant noise of traffic. Many with outdoor cats also worry about their pet getting run over if there are too many cars passing by.

Homeowner’s Association
If condo regimes are included in the properties you’re shopping for your buyer, beware of any pet-related rules put in place by the Homeowners Association. Those may include outright bans on certain types of animals or dog breeds, limits on the number of pets or restrictions on the pet’s outdoor activity.

Neighbor animals
Nearby animals that might interact with your pet can be a great benefit (as well as a way to make new human friends). But it can also be a major problem that will keep you up all night. For instance, does it appear that neighbors allow their dogs to walk freely around the neighborhood, potentially instigating confrontations with your own? Are there feral cats that might put your own at risk?

Doggy daycare
A place to drop off the dog during work hours is an absolute must for some dog owners. If you’re working with a dog owner buyer, acquaint yourself with the kennels and daycares in the area. Ideally there will be one between your client’s job and new home.

Pet-friendly businesses
A nearby bar or cafe where your buyer can sip a coffee or a beer with their best friend –– human or dog –– at their side, could tip the scale for a home.

What is your experience finding homes for pet owners? What do they care about most? Share your wisdom with fellow REALTORS® in the comments section or join our conversation on Facebook or Twitter!

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