Try One of These Online Platforms For Your Next CE Course

Try One of These Online Platforms For Your Next CE Course

Whether you are required to complete continuing education courses or you are simply looking to bolster your own credentials and strengths, the internet offers plenty of options. However, not all CE providers are created equal.

Before you sign up for a course, make sure that the provider has been licensed by your state real estate commission. There are sham operators looking to make a quick buck off gullible real estate agents. Don’t help them out!

Here are a number of legitimate providers that you might want to consider for your next CE course.


It’s hard to go wrong with Kaplan, an internationally-recognized education brand. The company doesn’t offer CE courses for real estate agents in every state, but it serves most of the big ones:  California, Texas, New York, New Jersey, Ohio, Georgia, Michigan, among others. See if Kaplan serves your state!

The CE Shop

An easy-to-navigate site that offers courses in just about every state. It also has a convenient chat function that allows you to talk to a representative who will help you find the course that is right for you.

360 Training

This provider offers hundreds of real estate continuing education courses tailored to real estate agents in 30 different states. It also allows you to browse by state, so that you know that the course you are signing up for applies to your practice.

Van Education Center

A very solid option if you are located in Texas, Florida or Oklahoma, the Van Education Center is ramping up its CE offerings in other states. If you are not located in a state that Van serves yet, you can still register and the site will alert you if it begins operating in your state.


The website isn’t pretty, but it offers a pretty good deal that will satisfy your CE requirements if you’re an agent based in California. And the price is hard to beat: $45.

What are some other platforms that you’ve used to satisfy CE requirements? Tell us about them in the comments section or on Facebook or Twitter!

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